What We Do

Line Up Aviation S.R.L. is an industry leading organisation that provides specialist technical engineering services to the aerospace and defence industries. Our bespoke solutions comprise structural and aero-acoustic analysis, software development and project management and are underpinned by a team of industry experts with a combined 90 years’ experience.

At a Glance


Aero-Acoustic Analysis

Aero and acoustic performance analysis of aircraft and rotable components using industry leading techniques and in compliance with international standards, ensuring product performance and longevity.


Software Development

Consultancy and project-based software solutions encompassing software optimisation, development and specification for highly technical and scientific applications.


Structural Analysis

A suite of analysis techniques designed to assess the structural performance and operational life of both complex structures and individual components against sources of stress, fatigue and frequency.


Research and Innovation Support

Through a bespoke programme of monitoring, analysis and evaluation, our services ensure efficiency of the product development lifecycle and that investment in R&D is performing to its full potential.


Project Management

A comprehensive range of project management services encompassing all aspects of technical engineering, delivered by Project Managers certified to PMP standards by the APMI.


Machinery Directive

Tailored solutions to satisfy the requirements of EN13849 and Directive 2006/42/CE comprising CE Marking, creation of technical documentation and delivery of bespoke training programmes.

Case Studies

Case Study 5 - Machinery Directive

Support for preparing documentation needed for CE marking for air treatment plant. All the activities had to be completed as soon as possible because the customer needed to use the new plant. Activity completed on time with very positive client feedback. (Atlas Copco)

Case Study 4 - Software Development

We developed a complex code to evaluate performance of helicopters. The core algorithms were embedded in a graphical user interface which completely simplified the way data was inputted and subsequently produced results of computation. The software was presented at ERF (European Rotorcraft Forum) 2017. The software became the official code of the customer for the simulation of helicopters performance and missions.

Case Study 3 - Machinery Directive

CE marking for machinery for several different fields of application: Pharma, Paper production, Mechanics, Food, … The performance of our activities respects high standard always with 100% approval rating by notified body. The customer was delighted with project and appreciates our expertise and innovative solutions.

Case Study 2 - European Funded Projects

Five-year long support on GRC5 Clean Sky Green Rotorcraft European programme on project management and technical report activities. We assisted in transforming a 20-Million-Euro European Research project into a focused, well planned and accounted program, technically detailed and easy to conduct and manage. The customer was extremely pleased with the outcome of the whole project.

Case Study 1 - Aerodynamic Simulation

Part of the team of “Project Zero” covering all aerodynamic specialist activities. Very ambitious project. Starting from scratch and in 6 months it was designed, produced, and tested in flight a technology demonstrator with many significant new innovations. A complete success and client displayed it at the Paris Air Show.

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